Helo Wearable Technology Wristband by World aka WOR(l)D

02 Oct

Helo stands for health and lifestyle oracle. It is a wearable smart wristband technology which utilizes a health fitness bracelet invented and solely sold by world global network. It has proven as the only fitness band that can combine the technology of active sensors with crucial healthy mineral stones. It's installed with a real-time monitoring that provides the individual wearing it a continuous status and feedback of his or her health. It can monitor the heartbeat rate, the energy used regarding calories, the quality of night sleep taken, the distance covered among other health parameters such as blood temperature, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure rates and respirations per minute.

World helo lx compensation plan is bounded on the science that ions that are emitted by electronics such as computers, television sets oxidize cells and body tissues causing body aches, lower metabolic rate, fasten aging and increase chances of disease attack. Helo's natural mineral stones emit negative ions which substitute the positive ions from the surrounding electronic thus reducing the oxidation load taking place on body cells. This anti-oxidizing effect helps the body to relax, reduce any aches, relax muscles and balance ionic concentration.

The wristband consists of a hypoallergenic silicon band that prevents irritation and skin rashes while maintaining the body relaxed and comfortable. Helo salt plates contain 84 natural minerals that are present in human body but primarily is sodium chloride, the neutralize the positive ions released from electronics. This usually creates effects that boost the mood and remove depression and increase energy making the cells active. The helo stone technology stimulates the circulation of blood by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood using the far infra-red band that activates molecules of water in the body improving oxygen distribution that promotes healing and quality sleep. For more facts and info about Helo Technology Wristbands, Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wristband#Silicone_wristbands.

Another component is the helos panic button that a person usually press twice in case the one is stranded or in a dangerous situation. Using google maps on a smartphone and short message services one can be signified when any assistance is required because GPS location is added to the SMS. Contacts of more people can be included so that they can attend to the person in trouble. This technology can even be used to monitor mentally challenged people and older adults who reside alone. The blue tooth technology enables this. Also, it's a form of business where people sell these helo products both at home and on the market.  This revolution is very reliable and efficient as mobile real-time health care facility and is currently being embraced across the world.

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